Training of coaches

Training of Coaches and Supervisions

Learning to be a coach is not just a matter of gaining the necessary knowledge and skills. Real coaches see their work primarily as a life philosophy and a personal approach towards the world and its people. For this reason, every good training programme is primarily a personal experience, allowing individual development and a significant shift in self-reflection. This kind of deep understanding of yourself is important because knowing who you are is essential for your work as a coach.

Therefore, training in coaching is primarily a hands-on experience – we learn by doing.
For many people such training is an important turning point in their lives and a new start on their journey in life and in their careers.

Coaches of the Systemicky institut are all accredited by the Czech Association of Coaches. They have many years of experience and hundreds of referrals from coaching graduates. Assuring the professional standards of the Systemicky institute’s training programmes is Klára Hejduková, holder of the highest certification as an Accredited Coach Supervisor.

Besides open training programmes, we create a whole range of tailor made courses, from introductory to advanced complex multiyear qualification courses for professional coaches, including expert supervision.


We organise two kinds of open training programmes:

Training of Coaching

This programme fulfils the first level coach training criteria of the Accredited Coaching Programme (ACP), which can be found in the Rules and Regulations for accreditation, issued by the Czech Association of Coaches. The course prepares coaches for the first accreditation level (AC – Accredited Coach).
The programme includes 80 hours of training under the supervision of accredited coaches and 10 hours in unsupervised workshops. It involves working on the coach’s personal development, specific coaching knowledge and skills, compliance with the ethical codex and supervision of coaching.


Combined Course of Coaching Basics

The course is a combination of e-learning and hands-on practical work in groups.
It covers the basics of coaching, allowing an understanding of the principles and philosophy of coaching and managing basic coaching methodology. Participants will be able to begin coaching and to use the ideas they gained in their lives.
The e-learning component is comprised of a study section and self-evaluation and awareness section. Practical training is mainly concerned with practising coaching interviews.
The e-learning section involves approximately 20 hours of work and supervised practical training takes up another 21 hours.


Supervision for Coaches

It is especially true for people in the helping professions that they can’t do without continuous work on themselves. That which they give to others they must also be able to give themselves. For coaches this means regular supervision of their work. This is the only way of ensuring lasting high standards of professionalism in the services they provide.

The purpose of supervision is to improve a coach’s performance, help in resolving difficult situations in a safe environment, personal development, increasing self-awareness and working through any emotional pressures or stressful situations. The results of supervision are usually very quick and effective and thus they help to increase a coach’s self-assurance and encourage them in their work.

Thanks to their many years of experience, our supervisors are also able to help coaches with very difficult cases in an incredibly short amount of time. Sometimes, only a fifteen-minute interview is enough for a supervisor to find out where the problem is — even when the problem is one that the coach is unable to explain.

Our supervisory and case study seminars are lead only by accredited coaches. They are based primarily on the systemic approach and other related traditions, such as gestalt or cognitive-behavioural approaches.