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About Systemic institute

The prosperity and condition of an organisation is a reflection of the successes and vitality of individuals. Performance goes hand in hand with education, training and personal attitudes. How we succeed in our personal and professional lives is, therefore, a result of many factors.

This is why we approach all improvements in a holistic way; and because companies as a rule have enough specialised knowledge or they, at least, know ways of developing such knowledge, we help them mainly in the area of soft factors, such as personal attitudes, motivation, accountability, and the ability to create functional relationships and build teamwork. In other words, we help organisations to achieve their long- and short-term goals by strengthening and developing their intangible assets, focusing on employee performance, management and process effectiveness, systems thinking, strategic and objective thinking, and similar areas.

As concerns specific knowledge and skills, we have the widest experience in the field of systemic coaching, system thinking, team performance, change management, strategy implementation, communication, presentations and time management.

Change projects define and implement system changes in companies. These are changes that shift the character of the whole company and are reflected in „hard“ (namely financial) and „soft“ indicators (customer and employee satisfaction, motivation, loyalty, the overall atmosphere of the company, company culture and personality development, etc.).
Development projects are focused on partial changes, e.g. on the gaining and perfecting of all soft skills (coaching, self-management, management, teamwork, communication, sales and the like). They are usually part of larger change projects or stand alone. They provide tools that are essential for attaining long-term performance in today’s world.

Coaching is the most effective way of working with people. Namely it is used for achieving the most challenging business objectives of a company, including the company’s position on the market, improving performance, developing an entrepreneurial approach, taking personal responsibility, harmonising owner and employee goals, solving chronic organisational issues, personal development and company culture.

Our goals

— helping companies to reach excellent performance
— leading companies through system changes
— developing holistic, systems and strategic business thinking
— increasing professionalism, cultivating ethical and effective behaviours and developing necessary soft skills
— resolving challenges facing the company as a whole as well as its teams and individual members
— bringing proven approaches to company and change management to the Czech Republic



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