Change projects

About change projects

„The really tough problems that we will be facing are the ones that will involve our inability to comprehend complex human systems and to manage them.” (Peter Senge)

By change projects we have in mind those situations when an organisation needs to change in order to reach the demanding business targets that they have set for themselves.

No true change in an organisation can take place without a change in the thinking and behaviour of its people. Such shifts in perception, however, are among the most difficult, and their successful completion can also depend on the qualifications and experience of the consultants.

Basically, we distinguish between two kinds of change projects: partial changes– when new habits are brought into effect, processes are rationalised and professional competencies are improved—and system changes, which are the very summit of the art of management. These involve changing the overall character of the social system of the company, its ways of thinking and attitudes.

If we wish to achieve a system change, we have to see a company as a whole, in all its complexity. We have to understand the laws that govern its functioning: to know which measures have a chance of success, their impacts and risks.

My long experience has taught me that it is not so complicated to make employees to be willing to assume responsibility, engage in the process of change and work harder than before. The biggest obstacle is that top management often feels threatened by a loss of direct control and starts blocking changes. In the case of line employees, the obstacle can be a lack of competence in qualification and experience, preventing them in being able to co-decide and influence events in the right direction.

All of the above leads us to the conclusion that successful change projects require the following:

Tools of Change Projects


Is a natural tool due to its effectiveness in bringing about changes in the attitudes and thinking of people, to strengthen their ability to change, to encourage taking responsibility and enhance entrepreneurial thinking.


Our consultants posses extensive qualifications and wide-ranging know-how in the area of managing and changing social systems, namely the systemic approach.


Concern the facilitation of working in teams, when the participants themselves solve the problems of the company; they set change goals and create the most effective means for their attainment.

Education and Training

In many cases, employees are not able to fulfil the new objectives, even though they are ready and willing to assume responsibility. It is necessary to equip them with the relevant knowledge and skills.