Specific examples of coaching

“We all are able to change and grow! We just have to figure out where to start.” (Blaine Lee)


Here are some brief descriptions of actual coaching cases, to give an idea of the potential benefits, if you do not have any experience or you simply cannot do without an example… :-).


Case I.

The client is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of a financial company. He is very intelligent, well educated and capable, with an amazing general overview – he can address all work related issues better than any of his subordinates. He chose coaching with the aim to make his subordinates competent in their line of work, to improve his relationship with them and to mould them into a team.

One of his most important realizations during coaching was that his own “supercompetence” was actually preventing the other team members from using and enforcing their own strengths and abilities. He thought that his exceptional performances would be viewed by his colleagues as an example they would want to follow; whereas it actually discouraged them.

Our coaching has resulted in the following success story:


Case II.

The Division Director of a development company approached us with the problem that his team was rapidly expanding and he felt the need to have a better management system. The majority of the team consisted of experienced and reliable managers, although each did it “their way”, and therefore the synergy effects were not put to use, thereby making it difficult to incorporate new employees. During coaching, we identified two main reasons for this: The client is a spontaneous type who does not favour rules or order so subconsciously resisted them. He also lacked the practical know-how to manage the company.

The results of the coaching are as follows:


Case III.

The owner of a manufacturing and trading company wanted a break from executive management and to reduce his role in the decision making in regard to investments and other strategic issues. This is a fairly common issue, i.e. the company owner also participates in the company management. After many years of hard work, successful entrepreneurs often want to withdraw from operational management, but at the same time, want to ensure the future prosperity of their company. Coaching helped to solve the following issues: