How Do We Work?

How Do We Work?

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” (Aristotle)

Ours is a comprehensive and holistic approach which holds that it is not possible to determine all the characteristics of a complex system merely by examining its constituent elements. Rather, it is the whole which fundamentally moulds the function and form of its parts. This is the reason why we always look at an organization as a complete, comprehensive and organic system whose management and change will not respond to mechanistic approaches. While space does not allow us here to explain in detail, we can at least provide a sense of what we do by saying that in whatever project we undertake we always consider the circumstances of the company’s formation, the character of its company culture, its strategic vision (its goals in a higher context), the relationships within the system and the needs of all its people. Our qualifications and broad experience enable us to discern and put a name to those aspects of the life of a company that, even though they are absolutely essential to its operation, its members usually miss.

All our efforts are directed toward practical change within an organization. While we don’t minimize the importance of theory, without which work is undirected, chaotic and therefore ineffective, our business orientation leads us to seek tangible and concrete results in both hard and soft indicators of business success. Our field is business.

Life has also taught us to seek out harmony. Success at work and making enough money are not enough. We never minimize the importance of the human need for fulfilment. That too is one of the goals of our work: in the end, only satisfied and balanced people are able to produce outstanding results.

For this reason we only work with consultants and coaches who are not only highly qualified in their field but who are also roundly developed and mature as individuals. As like seeks like, we only accept commissions which respect the professional approach described above.

Our values: