Just now in a transition period changing from being a civil servant in Denmark to self-employed in Prague.

I have worked since 1995 as a school principal at a school in a Danish residential home for children with behavioural problems. When I moved to Prague in 2011, I continued working part time there as a project leader and leadership consultant.

At the same time, I have been studying and working with leadership for schools.

I have been a moderator on courses and conferences both in Denmark and aboard.

In Denmark doing this mainly at conferences for school leaders and teachers in special education.

Internationally As organizer, co-host and moderator at the Systemic summer gatherings in England. And this year also as Organiser of the European AI network’s conferences in Zagreb, Reggio Emilia, Prague and Tanga, Tanzania



Education and Qualifications



Work experience (from 1986)

1986-89 worked as a teacher in a Danish elementary school

1989 -1991 worked in special education as a teacher.

1991 – 1994 worked at Bøgholt Residential Home as a teacher.

1994 – 2011   worked at Bøgholt Residential Home as a school principal.

2011 – 2014 worked part time at Bøgholt Residential Home as a leadership consultant and project leader and co-inventor of the project “The Right Path”, teaching pupils that have been excluded from the mainstream school system.


Other work

Leader at Aarhus ungdomsskole 1993- 2010

Leader of Kanonskolen 2002-2006

Leader of the project “Border Class” teaching pupils with special needs, mainly with Arabic background.

Coordinator of the Aarhus network of school leaders at residential homes.


Guest teacher at VIA University College in a coordinated program for students who are going to become teachers, pedagogues and social workers.

Guest teacher at Program for Community and Youth Work studies, Manchester University, School of Education.


Functions and Memberships

Member of the Czech Association of Coaches;

Member of: ”The Initiative Group”: a group of school leaders arranging conferences for school leaders and teachers at the schools of Danish residential homes.

Member of European AI network



Danish – mother tongue

English – fluent

German – conversational


How I became who I am professionally

Realising that I could do “more” as a leader than a teacher, I started a journey that always built on helping or creating changes based on the strengths of the people in the organisation. Along the path, I found some very useful tools the systemic approach, the Appreciative Inquiry and other strength based approaches. All of these tools supporting my ideas and working with the best possible communication between people. I also see them as both strong organisational and pedagogical tools


What I like about me

I have a strong instinct, and I have the courage to follow it. But at the same time I am not afraid to seek advice and learn from others. I am empathetic and good at staying connected with people.
What I want to change about me

I would like to be more active in my search for new projects and


What kind of clientele I attract

People who want to bring out the best in themselves and in others.


My vision

To help people discover their strengths and to use them both in their professional and personal life.


My values

Trustworthiness, respect, commitment, and tolerance


My favourite sayings

Non scholae sed vitae discimus. (We do not learn for school, but for life).