Who we are and what we do

We are coaches.

Our mission is to help people and organisations
to grow and attain excellence. We are a group
of long time collaborators who are able to
overcome our differences, complement each
other and create exceptional projects together.

What do we have in common?
Apart from the mission, it is a systemic,
holistic approach. We help changing company
culture, people´s mind-sets, motivations,
responsibilities, as well as relationships
and teamwork.


We provide top services
in the following areas:

training of coaches
systems thinking
change projects

Systemic Institute

We focus on:

  • Leading companies through system changes that enable their vision and strategies to come true
  • Developing human potential in order to satisfy both employers and employees, develop peoples´ personalities, professionalism and a social responsibility
  • Building a high level of competency, engagement and accountability
  • Developing holistic, systems and strategic business thinking
  • Resolving challenges facing the company as a whole as well as its teams and individual members
  • Bringing proven approaches to company and change management to the Czech Republic